Permanent Makeup for White Patches(Vitiligo)

Permanent Makeup for White Patches(vitiligo)

Embrace the power of makeup to conceal white patches effectively and permanently.

White patches that are also know as the vitiligo does not look appealing to the people but you should have no need to feel down for those patches on your skin could sit on the pack seat after a few treatment. Sittings at an aesthetic clinic Dr. Suman's cosmetic surgery and skin clinic.

This is coloured pigneal implant to camouflage vitiligo patches. After few sittings of treatment, If you are not happy with these spots you can visit here and look for solution of the problem.

Procedure is done under locat anesthesia so you have no pain during procedure. And very easy to manage Melenayte coloured. Natural pigment is implanted on affacted area to match with that natural skin.

Permanent Makeup for White Patches

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