How to Remove a Burn Scar in Delhi?

Remove Burn Scar

It is a very common occurrence for people to suffer from burn scars. This article goes over the various treatments and procedures that can help remove your burn scar.

1) Laser Treatment: Laser treatment has been shown to be an effective treatment for removing burn scars, especially if they are less than three years old. The laser targets pigment-producing cells by destroying them with light pulses of energy which then promote new cell growth and produce a natural turnover of skin cells called "epidermis." The process requires multiple sessions, usually four or five sessions two weeks apart. A course of treatment typically takes about 6-8 months depending on the severity of the original injury.

2) Microdermabrasion: This procedure is similar to laser treatment, however instead of using lasers it uses crystals to remove the burned skin. It is less effective than laser treatments and requires more sessions for results so patients are advised to carefully consider which option they feel would be best for them.

3) Dermabrasion: This procedure uses a wire brush or diamond wheel to remove the top layer of skin, revealing the new, healthy skin beneath. It is a more invasive procedure and typically requires a local anesthetic. Patients often see improvement after just one treatment; however, multiple treatments may be necessary for more severe scars.

4) Surgical Excision: This option should only be considered if all other methods have failed. The surgeon will cut out the scar tissue and then stitch up the wound. This is a high risk, very invasive option that has many risks associated with it including infection, loss of feeling in the surrounding areas due to nerve damage, poor cosmetic results- among others.

5) Treatment for burn scars should always be discussed with your doctor before beginning any new treatment or procedure. They will be able to help you find the best treatment for your specific needs and can advise you on the risks and benefits associated with each treatment.

Removing a burn scar can be a difficult process, but with the right treatments it is possible to achieve significant results. Treatment should always be discussed with your doctor so that you can find the best treatment for your specific needs.

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